Mountain Bikes Are My Life Now!

I've been riding bikes my whole life, as my dad was big into road/XC back in the day. Being skinny/tall was a great combo for a roadie, so I attended hill climbs, time trials & crits when I was young. It never fit my style & I was more into golf at the time. It wasn't until 2010 when I discovered my love for MTB riding. Thanks to hometown friends, I progressed quite fast & by 2012, I entered my first Downhill race, placing 4th. I was hooked from there on out!

2013-2018 was constant racing throughout the summers! The glory days of no commitments, no bills, no worries. In 2016, I realized that wasn't the case. I broke my back in Port Angeles at the Pro GRT & while it was a shocking event, it lead me into my love for photography. After a major crash like that, you begin to wonder if the risk is worth it....I proceeded to slow down with racing.

Coming full circle to 2021, lots of craziness has gone on. But after nearly 4 years off out of the tape, I am considering training for EWS Qualifiers again. My career path has also changed, shining towards a future as a bike mechanic or photographer. My website is all about these interlocking goals & hope you enjoy the content!